Who we Are

Greg Brooks our Peppermaster, grew up in the semi-tropical jungles and reefs of the islands near New Providence, in the Bahamas. Hunting for the elusive wild red pineapple, avoiding poisonous insects, and spear-fishing for dinner gave him a taste for the wild and the need for intensity that have culminated in his Peppermaster brand products.

Growing up watching the goats sniff out peppers on the bush before selecting and eating only the fullest, ripest and hottest ones gave him an appreciation for quality and selection. Following the goats’ lead gave Greg the ability to enjoy extreme heat while still experiencing the flavour of the fruit and other background elements, a talent much required in the making of controlled heat sauces.

Over his 30 years in the Specialty Food Industry Greg has owned an International Style Dining Room, (The Appletree Landing, Canning, Nova Scotia), a Food Manufacturing Company, (Constant Creation Gourmet Cuisine), is a best-selling Cookbook Author, (Book of Feasts and Worldwind Tour for Two) and has consulted for many small Food Businesses.

He has developed over 100 products for various companies in Canada, and offered individuals literally millions of samples of his products since 1983.

Greg personally is still involved with every batch of these amazing products and has always used all-natural and fresh hand-selected ingredients.

Tina Brooks is our techno-geek, web-savvy swamp-witch tarot-reader. She channels Melody, encourages others to go within to find their source, and does all this while coping with Asperger’s syndrome. Talk about multi-tasking!

With her enhanced neural capabilities Tina absorbs massive quantities of information and applies her hard-won skills, knowledge, and her unique perspective to our marketing, helping to generate the special persona that is The Peppermaster. As a result she has developed loyal customers far and wide. Her Slow Fairtrade Small Batch philosophy intends to lure people away from Big Food changing the world and the way we eat, one little pepper at a time.

An active social online networker, business adviser, author, and human rights activist, Tina is a lifetime member of the International Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She is always working on-line, connecting with people and building resources to help develop our unique little company. Tina’s direct, always honest and sometimes brutal unfiltered comments will win your heart.

“There’s really nothing more fulfilling,” she says, “than getting up in the morning when your job is to tell the world how fantastic your husband and his sauces are! I’m always excited at how well received these products are by all who taste them. They really are worth all the bragging I do about them.” Day after day, year after year she builds our network one customer at a time.

She has grown to love eating peppers, and is a willing and knowlegable tester of all the Peppermaster’s crazy developments.

You can meet Tina, here at our Shop, at one of our Events, or perhaps on some other plane, where Melody sings Her truth.