Peppermaster Meat and Bacon Sushi Rolls

This Peppermaster Meat and Bacon Sushi Roll photo-recipe makes 8 sushi rolls with 12 bite size pieces each with the ingredients pictured. They were delicious.

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Mail Difficulties are fixed…

If you are still experiencing difficulty responding to any emails from Brooks Pepperfire Foods or Peppermaster please send a new email, rather than a reply to either of the following […]

image annoncant expo manger sante le 21-22 mars, 2015 a Montreal

Expo Manger Sante, Montreal, Mar 20-22, 2015

Visit our booth at the 2015 Expo Manger Sante. Look for the Brooks Pepperfire Foods Booth in the Equitable section, along with other small local producer members of the Association […]


Are we making you crazy yet?

We’re still shuffling things around and trying to get the dust to settle from our server move. If you are having difficulty reaching us, please phone (514) 393-3430 Or email […]