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As Peppermaster I’ll prepare the peppers and you bring the main course.

I’ll spike it and tweak it into an amazing dish, using my truly t=”_blank”>magical products which deliver controlled fire and intense flavour!

I have been eating, loving, and working with hot chili peppers since I was a kid of only eight years old. I remember selling peppers and limes to the tourists in Nassau at that time in 1962. Somewhere along the way, creating magical flavours has become my life’s work. I love sharing them with you and enhancing (and igniting) your every bite.

These are not just normal hot sauces. All of my Peppermaster products are conjured and cooked up by me personally, and are like nothing you have experienced before. Their magic will excite your taste buds, expand your mind, and add a sense of wonder to your food. Take just one bite of any of my Peppermaster products and you will experience my magic for yourself. These sauces elicit wonder by all who try them – and I want you to experience that too! I have always used All Natural Ingredients, that have a conscience. Help me to Change the World by ordering my delicious products; one pepper at a time, one farm at a time, one community after another!

All of my Peppermaster goodies have fresh varietal chili peppers in them and often come in two sizes and heat levels. Whichever format you choose, you will experience a rich, well balanced and nutritious product that is made with care for you in mind, by my hand.

I work out of a converted bakery in the small village of Rigaud, Quebec, Canada. I send out Peppermaster deliveries all over the world. The best selection of our products can be seen in the Peppermaster Shop. The shop is a Manufacturer’s outlet and as such we do not keep shop hours. If you would like to visit, we highly recommend calling first to set an appointment. Groups are also welcome.

If you are looking for an introduction to my products, or a gift for a Chilihead friend check out my Jewels of Fire & Ice, which is a great way to get to know the range of my products. I hope you will become entranced by the magic entrapped within!


The Peppermaster

Come explore our shop and sample my wares in Rigaud when the ‘Open’ pepper has been raised! If the pepper is down just phone the number on the door (514)393-3430 and we’ll arrange to have someone greet you right away.

A tiny gold heart on a twisted golden silk thread. A gift from Hannah and Ayesha.

Special Shoutout to Martha Stewart Living

We had opportunity to meet two lovely scouts from Martha Stewart Living.

So glad to have met Hannah and Ayesha. We look forward to seeing you both again.


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